We visited the world leading startup event Slush 🧊

The world’s leading startup event Slush in Helsinki last week was special for iotis. Why?

πŸ™πŸ» We felt honored to speak: 4.600 founders were at Slush and only 82 of them were hand-picked to speak on Startup Studio stage β†’ 1.8%

πŸš€ We felt excited showcasing: Having a demo booth where we could interact with new clients and partners in longer conversations and the feedback, pre-orders and overall hype about us was just electrifying.

🀝🍻We felt connected: Having been part of the delegation of our growing ecosystem in lower Saxony and Hannover, we could network with fellow founders and share ideas on problem-solving, product building, and current trends.

πŸ™πŸ» We still feel grateful: Thanks Noora and Anna for the incredible love and work you have put in to see us on stage. Thanks, Florian, Ralf, Anna,.. for the great organization and effort you put constantly into the growing ecosystem in Lower Saxony and Hannover.

See you next year for sure, Slush!