This is IOTIS!

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Here to encourage people do more sport.

Technology has fundamentally changed the way how people spend their time. It has given us unprecedented access to people and knowledge. We have never been more connected.

And yet there has never been a time with more loneliness. Mental health issues, addictions and chronic diseases are rising. In contrast to our ancestors, we spend our daily lives mostly inactive and sitting in offices.

Join us and make people sweat, laugh, bolder, thinner, determined, healthier, balanced & active.

We are hiring!

Make the best out of technology.

Capturing these fundamental trends of our lives, we believe that technology is the problem and solution at the same time.

Utilising our technology to make sport more fun, accessible and entertaining inspires millions of people to live a more active and healthy life.

Even before it was cool.

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Different backgrounds

We foster different opinions, values and backgrounds. Only through a truly diverse team, ideas and creations can happen.

Office first, remote second

Yes, it is fairly uncool, but we still believe that great ideas, friendships and a crazy company culture come from the coffee break or the after-work beer. But wait: If you can't move into one of our offices, we are happy to welcome you from where you are.

Call them friends

When you have friends you don't need colleagues. That's one of the most popular feedbacks we got during the years. Pretty cool.

Backed by some of the best investors and partners in our industry

Founding team

Feel free to contact us for questions, insights or feedback.

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